Dispositivo 01. Cartografía múltiple de aproximación a hiperobjeto     

TXT / 2020
      Publicado en Revista ¬Accesos. Prácticas artísticas y formas de conocimiento contemporáneas

Device 01. Multiple approximation mapping for hyperoject is presented as an HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) platform developed for research and artistic production. Based on virtual reality technologies, a space-time and perceptive trip over a geolocated territory, the Manga del Mar Menor in the Mediterranean Sea, virtualized from five visible interfaces under a hypothetical non-human look of a speculative nature.The creation of this virtual reality is nourished by the digital cartographies and various reports consulted throughout the research process, to the platform multiple data and materials on the climatic, geological, tourist and economic situation of this landscape. Device 01 allows the user a direct interaction with texts, legends, images and sounds of different nature.The device therefore exposes a hyperconnected time-space derivation through the overlapping of sequences of screens with temporal references and multimedia layers responsible for visualizing the underlying and latent information of the hidden territory.